Sunday, September 28, 2008

The world is getting strange

Its funny to see how work has transformed life for some of us...
in the olden days, holiday means holiday! but in these trying times, a calendar holiday means that there is a possibility that of us going for a holiday...! what a change! (I am talking about the Hari Raya holidays.)

this brings us to fast paced world, where 24 hours in a day is not enough, even tough
now its easier to get everything done! we don't need to queue up to pay bills anymore!
No more trying find a car park to buy food, just drive home and call pizza delivery on the way! Still we just seem to get busier by the day and wishing to have 36 hours!
I am even thinking cutting down my sleeping hours to 4 hours!
what do you say to that?

World economy markets falling, black American's presidency campaign fame rising, local Malaysian politics laughing!
My my my... what the world has come to! Have you ever thought that all these will happen 2 years ago??!!

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