Monday, February 25, 2013

Enterprise Architecture in Few Words....

Today, the strangest thing happen... went in for a Enterprise Architect job, starting doing the presentation..
While in my first slide, I started explaining that we will first start by looking at the various departments, business sections, objectives, etc, when suddenly the customer, who supposed to be a high level technical guy started saying this.. "We are only looking at Enterprise Architecture, and nothing on Business Processes"....  (He was trying to say that Enterprise Architecture from a Technology/Technical perspective).

The problem was that my second slide, I explicitly have written, that Enterpise is NOT Technology or Technical at all! (Which is the truth!)

And you will be able to guess on how the rest of the discussion went..  it went no where!
Anyway, here is a list of objectives of Enterprise Architecture:

In one sentence: 
To make the IT Services in your organization as reliable and predictable as the paper and pencil... (maybe more reliable)

Has 4 main drivers:

  1. Business
  2. Data
  3. Application
  4. Hardware

If it gets so complex you can’t remember how it works, you have to write it down…  and ...
If you want to change how it works, you start with what you have written down…

And mostly importantly:
Thousands of years of history would suggest the only known strategy for addressing complexity and change is architecture.... Hence, investing and developing IT infrastructure without an architecture is like building a 80 storey building without a architecture blueprint...

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