Monday, March 11, 2013

The Myth called Software Requirements!

By : G.Saravanan

The Myth called Software Requirements!

1. Can there ever be a complete set of requirements?
  • Answer would be NO, there is no such thing as a complete requirements.

2. So, if the answer is NO, how can we build a complete software?
  • The Answer is NO, we can never build a 100% customer satisfying software.

3. So, if the answer is NO, how can we improve it?
  • The Answer is in the question - We can only improve it!

In case you are wondering how can that be, when we have all the tools in the world to create and manage requirements, think about it again. How many types of requirements do we have nowdays - generally speaking, there are 2 - Functional and Non-Functional.

Most tools and techniques are only geared towards the functional requirements. How about the non-functional requirements? In case you are wondering what is the basic set of Non-Functional requirements which a software requirements should cover, we have an ISO standard for this. Its called ISO/IEC 9126 - Refer to the Quality Metric, there are 4 Metrics all together.

The Quality Metric says the following: ( )
  1. Functionality
  2. Reliability
  3. Usability
  4. Efficiency
  5. Maintainability
  6. Portability
The general list of Non-Functional is much wider (scary as well). The question is How are we supposed to document/model/communicate this and get the confirmation from the customers?
Be it documenting is upfront in a SRS (for Waterfall lovers) or as a story board (for Agile lovers), what is the solution?


Chankey Pathak said...

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Thank you Chankey.
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